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Are you seeking a trusted and skilled provider of denture services in Surrey? Look no further than JD Denture Clinic, we are committed to helping you achieve your perfect smile with our exceptional denture solutions.

With our expertise, advanced techniques, and personalised approach, we provide top-quality dentures that restore your confidence and enhance your quality of life.

Flexible Dentures

Chrome Dentures

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Denture Services

Flexible Dentures

It’s important to make sure your dentures are comfortable. If your dentures are loose or don’t fit comfortably, Flexible Dentures may be the solution. Flexible Dentures are designed to replace single or several teeth and fit tightly to the gum. Made from a thin flexible layer which fits tight to the gum, Flexible Dentures offer excellent comfort and appearance.

Chrome Dentures

The key benefits of Chrome Dentures are their superior strength and smaller size compared
with standard acrylic dentures.
Chrome Dentures are designed to cover less tissue area in the mouth in order to increase oral sensitivity and taste.
If you would like to know more, please call us for a free consultation.

Denture Reline

To keep your dentures in good condition, it’s recommended to have a Denture Reline service every 2 years, or if they ever become loose. Over time, it’s normal for the shape of gums to change, which is why it’s important to ensure your dentures fit correctly. Well fitted dentures help to prevent painful sores and trapped food.

Full Dentures

We are specialists in producing high-quality Full Dentures designed to replace all the natural teeth in either the upper or lower jaw. We have a wide array of options to suit all budgets.

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Don’t let dental issues hold you back from smiling with confidence. Experience the transformative power of our exceptional denture services in Surrey. Whether you’re in need of new dentures or require a repair, JD Denture Clinic is here to help.


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Toby Raeburn
Toby Raeburn
Very professional, great customer service as well! Would highly recommend.
Brandon Winchester
Brandon Winchester
Highly recommend JD Denture Clinic. Their service was very efficient and professional, couldn't have asked for better.
Aneeka Matharu
Aneeka Matharu
I was quite distressed when my denture broke and was advised by a dental practice to speak to Jordan. Jordan was really lovely on the phone and when I got to the clinic, was a pleasure to speak with in person. He made me feel comfortable in all my interactions with him, and the turnaround time was super quick at 30 minutes. I cannot recommend Jordan and his clinic enough!

Frequently Asked Questions

Denture repair refers to the process of fixing broken or damaged dentures. This can involve addressing minor cracks or fractures, replacing teeth that have become dislodged, or adjusting the fit of the denture if it has become uncomfortable or loose.
While there are DIY denture repair kits available, they are generally not recommended. Improper repairs may cause more damage and can result in an improper fit, leading to discomfort and possible oral health issues.
To help prevent the need for denture repairs, handle your dentures over a soft surface to avoid dropping them, clean them as directed by your dentist, avoid using them to open packages or bite nails, and make sure they are properly fitted to avoid unnecessary pressure or friction. Regular check-ups with your dentist can also help identify potential issues early.
Most common types of damage, like cracks, breaks, or lost teeth, can be repaired. However, if the denture is extremely damaged or warped, it might be more cost-effective and beneficial for your oral health to get a new set of dentures.
If your dentures break, you should contact your dentist as soon as possible. Until you can get to the dentist, keep all the pieces, avoid attempting to repair them yourself, and avoid wearing damaged dentures as they could harm your gums or other parts of your mouth.